The Royal Wedding!

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Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? If you are, then yay! I’m so glad you’re here to celebrate with us. And if you’re not yet, I’ll tell you why you should be.

I never ever thought it would happen. Honestly, who looked at Harry and how he lived his life 5 years ago and thought, oh yeah, he’s going to drop his party lifestyle with his pick of British high society beauties and settle down? Not me, that’s for sure. His brother, Prince William – I mean, the Duke of Cambridge – was expected to follow the prescribed path of military service and then marriage. But the spare? He’s had almost zero expectations for his life as long as his brother remains picture perfect.

Now, it seems that Harry has finally grown up at age 33 and selected a life partner who is slightly older, self-assured, and completely different than his previous girlfriends. Meghan is glamorous like Princess Diana, with a similar dazzling smile and focus on charitable causes. She is a natural beauty, conscientious humanitarian, and American. That she is so different from past love interests, and such an unexpected choice, is what makes this royal wedding so fascinating.

Their choice of Windsor Castle, a smaller venue, out of the London spotlight is an interesting first step for their married life, as is their decision to marry on a Saturday, which breaks tradition of weekday weddings. I think we can expect to see this royal couple break tradition in many ways to come. The town of Windsor is reportedly getting set to welcome this joyous event, setting up buntings and stocking kitschy memorabilia in the High Street shops.

With all this excitement building, I can’t help but start to prepare for our own royal wedding celebrations. Being married to a Brit, I’ve become well versed in British things like jumpers, the high street, and ‘having a laugh’ so let me help you with three key diy projects for your very own royal wedding party to celebrate this most unique royal wedding.

Three Essential Steps to DIY your Royal Wedding Party

1. The Royal Wedding Decor. Bunting is a must for any celebration, and especially for a royal wedding party. We have just the right template for you to print and create your very own Union Jack diy bunting. All you have to do is add colour with your favourite markers, pencil crayons or paint. Will you choose traditional colours or mix it up in honour of the non-traditional couple? Click here to download it: DIY Union Jack Bunting

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2. Your outfit. Choose something suitably respectful of the occasion, preferably in spring colours or white, to honour the white roses and peonies that will certainly be on display for the ceremony. Don’t forget to accessorize with fashionable headwear! British weddings feature striking headpieces or fascinators for ladies. You’ll have to decide if yours will be modest or eye-catching. Need help to get started? We have a template and step by step instructions to make your very own diy fascinator: DIY Fascinator Template. Look for ribbons, buttons, sequins, and artificial flowers around the house or at the dollar store to add the right amount of height and colour to yours. Stick to a monochromatic design or use no more than two complimentary colours for a style the Duchess of Cambridge would approve. Fascinator not your style? We have crown templates too: DIY Crown Templates. To make yours extra special, trace the template onto aluminum foil (called aluminium foil in the UK), cut out, and glue on to a piece of paper or card. Use Sharpies to add your own jewel designs on your shiny new crown! 

3. Food! Will Harry and Meghan choose a cake or go non-traditional with cupcakes? My guess is cupcakes. Dress yours up with union jack flags on toothpicks set in the centre of each cupcake. Click here for our printable cupcake flags: Cupcake Flags

Now you’re ready to celebrate the wedding of the year! Be sure to take lots of pictures and memorialize the event in a scrapbook. Happy wedding celebrations!


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