Privacy Policy
Create Art Studio is committed to protecting personal information by following responsible information handling practices. We collect and use information you volunteer when you access or register for a Create Art Studio program, in order to better meet your service needs, to ensure a safe environment, for statistical and assessment purposes, to inform you about the Program in which you are registered, and to satisfy government and regulatory requirements. You may also hear from us periodically about other Create Art Group programs, services and opportunities that may interest and benefit you. We do not share your personal information with any other business other than to process your registration transactions. We will never sell your personal information to any other business.

Clothing Policy
Art can be messy and not all products used in the studio are washable. Please ensure the participant wears clothing and shoes that can get messy and stained.

Media Policy
Create Art Studio may from time to time, photograph participants and / or their art work in partial or completed form for the purpose of its own marketing materials, in print or on social media. The face or full likeness of a person will not be captured nor shared without express consent from the participant, or in the case of minors, the parent or guardian.

Allergy Policy
Create Art Studio is a peanut and tree nut free facility. No products containing or that state “may contain” peanuts or tree nuts are permitted in our facilities. We will endeavour to make accommodations for other allergies and will inform the Registrant and (if applicable) parent or legal guardian if we are unable to provide a reasonable degree of safety.

Scent Policy
Create Art Studio is a low scent facility. We select our supplies carefully to ensure there are low or zero VOCs and we expect the same of Registrants and their guests. Please avoid wearing heavily scented perfume, after shave, or other personal care products.

Payment Policies
After School Class fees charged monthly will be billed on the last day of each month prior to the month attended (ie. if the student will attend in September, billing will occur on Aug 31). After School Class fees charged weekly will be billed on the Friday prior to the week attended. Students in the ongoing After School Class program may withdraw from the program with 2 weeks written notice regardless of billing frequency.
All other classes, events, workshops, and parties will be billed at time of booking.
All fees are non-refundable. Fees for classes (series of 8 or more classes) can be transferred to another household member or class, less a $25 administration fee.