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Preschool & Homeschool Classes

Our preschool and homeschool classes are designed for kids who are learning at home and are available to take weekday art classes with us. Our programs emphasize developing art skills with a focus on technique and process, rather than product. Students will gain a solid foundation in materials and skills knowledge to continue their art journey through their life. 

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preschool art and play class for toddlers learn fine motor skills for drawing and letter formation at a young age to be ready for kindergarten

Preschool Art & Play

Introductory Art Class for Toddlers

Our kindergarten readiness program will teach key skills needed as students prepare for their school journey. Students will develop their skills in communication, fine motor control, pincer grip, turn taking and of course, making lots of art! 

Each class will include art, movement, play, and circle time (stories, music, etc). Materials are included. 

Family art classes online at Create Art Studio Canada Toronto virtual art class for family

Creating Together

Mixed Media Art class for littles and their adults

A fun class for ages 3-5 to create with a caring adult in a variety of media! Together, we’ll explore materials and process that can include painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, and sculpting.

We will probably get messy! Please plan your outfits. We have aprons on site for adults and paint shirts for kids (laundered after every use).

Registration is only required for children. Up to two caregivers can attend with each child and can change each week. 

Create Art Studio Art Club for kids

Art Club

Explore mixed media in this creative maker class

Our Art Club class is a great introduction to explore and play with different types of materials. We’ll focus on the process and techniques to make creative projects kids will be proud to display. 

Each session features different projects across drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. Students should be comfortable with using scissors for this class. 

Too old for this class? Move on to Inspired Artists!

Inspired Artists mixed media art class for older kids pre-portfolio development art class at Create Art Studio

Inspired Artists

Mixed Media art for older kids

Calling all the serious young artists (and the not so serious)!

Our Inspired Artists class is a mixed media art course, where students will learn a wide range of drawing, painting, sculpture skills and begin to explore concepts from art history.