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Create School Program

Create Art Studio Online Art Camp and Classes for kids

Small cohort learning groups

During this pandemic, many parents are concerned about the health of their children and their family members. With the opening of public schools under the Ontario Ministry of Education’s directive to not change class sizes, this means that children will have many more contacts on a daily basis.

Although Create Art Studio recognizes and supports public education as a right of all children, in this unprecedented time, we believe we have the duty to serve families as best we can. For that reason, we will offer a private school program with limited students. 

Social yet Distanced

We believe that students need interactions with peer groups for their development. Having a small learning community creates a balance between educational and socio-emotional needs of students. 

We are closely following all public health protocols, ensuring distancing, mask wearing, and with daily health screening. 

Student Success

We are committed to assisting students in successfully achieving their grade expectations this school year, regardless of the conditions created by the pandemic. Our dedicated teachers will support each student’s needs to complete their assigned class work from their remote learning teacher. 

Should our program need to move online, we are prepared for that through our existing online class platform. 

Enhanced Protocols

Following all public heath guidelines

Experienced Educators

Program led by Ontario Certified Teacher with mature educators

Enriched Learning

Additional arts and other programming

How does this work?


Our Create School program operates weekdays between 8:45am and 3:00pm, with an option to add our after school art program from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.


We follow the Toronto school board calendar for start and end of the school year and for winter and March break. Our program runs on PA Days, even though there will be no programming from online schools on those days. 


Our program serves grades 2-7. Families will be able to keep siblings in the same space to reduce their contacts, should they choose. Our split grade program will create opportunities for students to learn from one another’s strengths. 


As our program grows, we will open an additional cohort in our second space. Once we have two cohorts, they will be in completely separate parts of the studio and will not interact with each other indoors.


Our classrooms will allow for social interaction and shared learning, while reducing the spread of respiratory droplets through the use of distance, ventilation, and signage. Students will have their own dedicated workspace. 

Our space allows for a maximum of 9 students in one group and 7 students in another. We will realign groups as enrolment grows, keeping similar grades together. 

French Immersion

Some of our students may be enrolled in French Immersion studies through their school online learning program. We are exploring options to support students with French programming, though the majority of our own programming will be in English. 

Outdoor Time

Students will spend a minimum of 45 minutes outdoors each day and should be prepared for all types of weather. 

Instructional format

Our educational program is directed by an registered teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers to oversee the school program, with program delivery from experienced educators in a variety of specialities. Support staff will include a relief teacher with early childhood education experience and an administrator responsible for studio operations and frequent cleaning per public health guidelines. 

Our teachers will support students in the completion of their assigned work from their school board assigned remote learning teacher AND will provide supplemental lessons in art, social issues, and more. 

Progress Reporting

Create School will provide feedback to families regularly on their child’s achievement and participation with the assisted remote learning format, as well as on additional lessons we provide. Parents are encouraged to maintain a close relationship with their child’s school board remote learning teacher for direct feedback on their progress, achievements, and grades in the online classroom.

Our Covid-19 Adaptations

As with most businesses, we have had to make several significant changes to our procedures to try to keep students and staff as safe as possible. Please see our list of changes below. 

  • Teachers. Our teachers and support staff are kept up to date on all the latest recommendations from public health. They wear masks at all times when indoors or within 2m of students.
  • Tools. Students will be given their own toolkit (drawing tools, paint brushes, etc) to be kept at the studio. Any shared tools will be disinfected after each use.
  • Space. We have redesigned our entire studio space to accommodate distancing and provide each student with their own workspace, with clear physical barriers between students where necessary.
  • Screening. All students will be required to answer daily screening questions and have their temperature taken. 
  • Cleaning. We are disinfecting high touch surfaces frequently throughout the day and deep cleaning regularly. 
  • Ventilation. Our windows and doors will be kept open as much as possible to facilitate fresh air intake and airflow. We already use high grade filters for our furnaces and change them very frequently due to clay dust. 

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