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Hamburger Money Bank

$ 30.99

Hamburgers are delicious. Show everyone you are a foodie and save funds for when hunger strikes (any moment now) with this fun Hamburger Money Bank.

Our ceramic painting kits include your tasty burger, sponges, and water cup in a plastic case to keep it safe during transport. Choose your colours of ceramic underglaze to paint it from the options below, or use ones you’ve gotten from us in the past. If they’re a little dry, you can add water! Once you’ve painted your Hamburger Money Bank with underglazes, return it to the studio, where we’ll add a clear glaze application and do a final firing in our kiln.

Please note: Only use ceramic underglazes on your pieces. If any other materials are used, we won’t be able to glaze or fire your piece.

The finishing glaze and firing process takes at least a week and results are not guaranteed.

Ceramics kits are available for delivery within Toronto, only to postal codes beginning with ‘M’ or you can them pick up at our studio at 1803 Danforth Ave. in Toronto.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Please choose the colours you’d like for your piece. Each colour comes in a 15ml container. Old colours can be revived with a bit of water and colours can be mixed or blended to create new shades.

Add a 5 pack of Crayola paintbrushes in a variety of sizes