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Crayola Glow Fusion Marker Colouring Set

$ 16.99

With the Crayola Glow Fusion Marker Colouring Set – Mythical Creatures, it’s glow time for kids to get creative using special glow markers in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue!

When these markers are used on coated cardstock paper they deliver a unique glow-colouring experience. Best of all, the combination of glow-tastic markers and special paper creates vivid designs and pictures that “glow” for up to four hours! If your kiddos are awed by extraordinary creatures and glowing colours, they’ll be thrilled to express themselves in this uniquely creative way. Crayola Glow Fusion Marker Colouring Sets are ideal for all kids ages 8 and up!

GLOW FUSION MARKER COLOURING SET: Includes 5 Glow Markers (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue), 5 Mythical Creatures Colouring Pages, and 2 Blank Pages

UP TO 4 HOURS OF GLOW IN THE DARK : Glow Fusion is a colouring experience! Kids will delight in this exciting colouring time with friends, family, at birthdays, or any special occasion

MYTHICAL CREATURES ART: Kids will love colouring in scenes with wondrous creatures that pop from the page as they glow in the dark!

GIFT FOR KIDS: Ideal gift for ages 8 & up

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