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Creative Events Deliver fun, inspiring and rewarding events with Create Art Studio

From dynamic, engaging workshops and team building activities, to sales kick-offs and client appreciation events, launch parties, leadership retreats, team celebrations and more, show your staff and clients how much you appreciate them with Create Art Studio’s events.

Explore creativity. Your team will benefit from learning to let go and expressing their abilities as they make art they’re proud to show off!

Inspire collaboration. Show people the power of what they can achieve together, creating collaborative projects you’ll want to display!

Reward dedication. Say thank you to hardworking staff and build client loyalty with a fun, relaxing and memorable experience they’ll enjoy!

Host our rewarding events at your office location, in our Toronto studio, or online, as we guide you to create amazing creative projects! 

Painting Events

Whether it’s just for fun, or focused on inspiring team creativity, Painting Events are perfect for everyone, whatever their experience as an artist. Acrylic paint is fun, expressive and a very forgiving format!

Collaborative Art Events

A powerful experience that demonstrates the power of people working together. We’ll guide your team to create an inspiring painting that builds throughout the session into a masterpiece you’ll love to display in your office.

Pottery Events

Creating with clay is a tactile and rewarding creative experience that’s perfect for a group activity or a ‘family and friends’ event at any time, and especially during the holidays. Learn the pottery wheel or sculpt beautiful clay creations with our inspiring instructors.

Sculpture Events

Entertain staff and customers with unique polymer clay sculpture projects that can be completed in your location or at home. Our creative projects are suitable for all ages and can be packaged in kits for easy distribution for ‘family and friends’ or holiday events.

Ceramic Painting Events

Entertain your staff or reward clients with a hand-painted ceramic they can display at work or at home. We have lots of items to personalize, from cute characters to travel mugs, to seasonal and home decor items.

When they’re painted, we’ll fire them in our kiln to be beautifully shiny, as well as food and dishwasher safe.

Meditative Art Events

Help your team relieve stress and unwind with mindful, meditative art sessions. Use the benefits of creativity to improve health, boosting mental wellbeing and boosting constructive problem solving.

Support your people with regular sessions in your HR health and wellness programs, in-office and online.

Our Events include

Inspiring, Expert Hosts

Our experienced educators will inspire and guide your team, making sure everyone creates something they love!

Premium Materials

We’ll provide all the quality materials that your guests will need to enjoy creating their masterpiece.

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Convenient, reliable delivery of kits to your team or clients is available across Canada, so you can relax, ready for your event. 

Create Art Studio Team Building Corporate and holiday events

Get the most from your event

Custom Events

Create a unique, unforgettable experience for everyone.

Contact us to develop a custom event for your brand, business and when you need something amazing for a special occasion. 

Treats for Everyone

Feed your creativity and your cravings!

Reward your guests with delicious sweet or savoury treats from one of our local partners. 

We're trusted by Canada's leading companies to deliver rewarding experiences

Celebrate and reward your people