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Character Design

Animation style drawing class for teens

Young people who love cartoons, tv, movies and gaming will enjoy developing their character design skills in this illustration class taught by our practicing artists.

Throughout each session, students will learn what makes an expressive and engaging character, how to create back stories to add interest and depth, along with new drawing techniques to bring their creations to life.

What you’ll learn

  • The use of preliminary work to enhance your drawings
  • How to convey a variety of proportions and expressions
  • How to create fully developed backstories for characters

What you’ll use

  • Drawing materials such as pencils, pencil crayons, fine line and illustration markers
  • A sketchbook, one of the most important tools you’ll have!
All materials are included – as always!

Character Design will return in September

With Summertime full of vacations and events, we focus on Summer Camps, Workshops and short classes to help fit everyone’s schedule. Develop your skills in painting, pottery, drawing and textile arts, try something new and find your favourite fall art classes for September.

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