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Clay for Kids

Hand building & sculpting classes

Clay for kids is an amazing material to bring their imagination to life. It provides a sensory and rewarding experience as they create whimsical and functional ceramic pieces.

In this class they’ll learn a variety of sculpting techniques, including pinch pots, slab building, creating various textures, and glazing. They will also have the opportunity to experience using the pottery wheel. All materials and kiln firings are included.

Please note: make sure to wear clothes and shoes that can get messy!

What you’ll learn

  • Basic hand building sculptural techniques
  • How to properly apply glaze and underglazes
  • 3D exploration! Learn how to make fun, creative 3D forms

What you’ll use

  • Kiln fire clay
  • Hand sculpting tools like rolling pins, ribbon tools, sponges etc
  • A variety of coloured underglazes and glaze
All materials are included – as always!

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Please note: all classes are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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