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Learn to Sew

Sewing Classes

Learn to sew or improve your skills in our sewing classes taught by an experienced costume designer for theatrical productions. We offer classes for youth and adults, in hand stitching or machine sewing. 

Beginner teens or adults should start with Hand Sewing, to learn the basics of stitch types, patterns, and assembly techniques. People with experience with patterns, and finishing techniques can move on to our Machine Sewing class, where you’ll learn machine basics, such as threading, stitches, and advanced sewing skills like buttons, zippers, and more. 

Younger students should start in their age group and move on to Intermediate once they have taken at least two sewing classes. 

What you’ll learn

  • Different sewing stitches and when to use them
  • How to identify different types of fabric and their uses
  • How to use sewing patterns
  • Machine Sewing only: machine use and care

What you’ll use

  • A wide variety of fabrics
  • Sewing tools like scissors, marking chalk, measuring tapes, needles
  • Creative sewing details like buttons or zippers (in Machine Sewing or Intermediate Sewing)
All materials are included. You’re welcome to bring your own machine to Machine Sewing class.
Note: students in Machine Sewing must know sewing and pattern basics first. We recommend starting with Hand Sewing.
Create Art Studio Learn to Sew by hand or machine in Toronto for kids teens or adults

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If you’re enrolling for the first time, please click Register and create an account. Existing students can access our portal to add this class to their account. Please note that all classes are Eastern Time.

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