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Clay Pokemon Workshop

Create Art Studio - Clay Pokemon Pokeballs

Gotta make ’em all! 

Our DIY Pokemon Clay Workshops will teach you clay sculpture techniques to build your very own Pokemon-inspired sculptures. 

From characters to Poke Balls, our series of clay workshops will help you make ’em all! 

Choose the workshop that works best for your schedule from the options below. 


Workshop fee includes materials, kiln firings and glaze. The kiln firing and glazing process can take up to 3 weeks to complete, depending on our current volume of work. 

In-studio Workshops

All materials and tools will be provided at the workshop. We have aprons onsite or you can bring your own. You will leave your finished piece behind for firing and glazing. 

Online Workshops

Pick up your kit of clay, tools, and underglazes from the studio prior to your workshop. Please check Google Maps for our current hours. You’ll need to return the completed sculpture to the studio for firing and glazing.

Important Tips

  • These workshops involve complex sculpture techniques that can be frustrating for younger or less experienced students. Please consider your child’s ability to manage frustrations when choosing a workshop.
  • Clay is very fragile! Please take care to wrap your item carefully when bringing it to the studio so it doesn’t break in transit.
  • While it is rare, some pieces do not survive kiln firing. Items affected by an explosion or damage in the kiln will not be replaced.
Create Art Studio - Clay Pokemon Pikachu