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Crayola Watercolour Pencils 12-pack

$ 4.99

Crayola Watercolour Pencils can be used wet or dry, and your designs can be turned into watercolour art!

Kids and adults can easily create beautiful watercolour effects by laying down dry colour with these pencils, and then using a little water on a paintbrush (not included) to blend the colours, wetting the colouring pencils, or using them directly on wet paper. Experimenting with shading, texture and colour mixing will produce lots of interesting results.

Whatever method you use, these transformative coloured pencils are a fresh and fun way to inspire artistic creativity.

These Crayola Watercolour Pencils are non-toxic and made from reforested wood, something all eco-conscious families love. They are suitable forĀ ages 6 years and up.

In stock (can be backordered)