Time to create in our engaging new online classes

After a tough year, the need to look after our Mental health is finally getting the acknowledgement it deserves, and you deserve to pay attention to your own. An art class is a great way to improve your mental health, by putting your focus on a creative escape. You’ll create more space in your mind for problem solving while working with a brush, pencil, or clay. 

Get an hour or more of time to yourself – sign up for an art class and explore your creativity. Or, for those with kids, sign them up for a class and reclaim the time to read a book, make a call, or get some work done in peace. Win-win!

Our online classes are filling up! Grab your spot before they’re gone. We keep all our classes small so each student can get direct feedback on their work – and feel more comfortable sharing with other students. With a maximum of 12 students in each class, we focus on making sure everyone feels encouraged, inspired and supported. While we hope to be able to see you in the studio soon, let’s stay connected online, in our fun and engaging classes!

As we look to the year ahead, we’re filled with hope that we can continue to bring art and creativity to people in our local Toronto community, and across the country. 

Expanding our online classes in 2021, we will continue to serve creative-minded people of all ages, and for that opportunity, we are grateful and looking forward to the year ahead with optimism.

On behalf of the whole team at Create Art Studio, we wish each of you the same optimism and hope for 2021! Happy New Year!