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Child Art Classes Online

No need to supervise

Our online art classes for children are designed to engage kids in learning to create unique works of art, giving parents time to get a few things done. 

New projects each session

While our classes are offered for multiple sessions through the year, the projects change each time so students can continue to take the same class and be sure to learn new things each time.

Materials included or available for purchase

Materials are included for some classes. Other classes will have a materials list you can supply yourself. Kits can be picked up from the studio or be delivered for an extra fee.

All online classes are eastern time

Create Art Studio Online Classes Art Camps for kids and tweens on March Break and Summer Camp virtual

After School Art Classes

Online art classes to keep kids busy after school

All the fun of our after school art program, delivered in your home! Each day offers a different class option to keep kids engaged in art they love. 

Get a chance to prepare (or order!) dinner in peace while we entertain your kids with fun art lessons. 


Pick up materials at 1801 Danforth Ave during curbside hours (check Google Maps for current times) or request shipping for $15.

  • Sketching class materials (not included): pencil, eraser, paper, and colouring tools 
  • Acrylic painting materials ($25 extra): red, yellow, blue, white, and black acrylic paint, two 8×10 stretched canvas or canvas board, mixed media paper, brushes
  • Watercolour, Crafting, and Art Journal class materials are included
Child Online Classes

Art Club

Mixed Media art class for kids online

All the fun of our after school art club, delivered to your home! Students will engage in a variety of art projects from drawing to painting to sculpture and more. 

Materials kit included, please allow time for delivery (within GTA 2-3 days. longer for other areas).

Want a daily class (instead of weekly)?

Try our online camps – once a day for a week! 

Child Online Classes

Clay for Kids

Hand building Clay at home for kids

Our clay sculpture class teaches kids the basics of working with clay. Working with an instructor online, students will learn to make great ceramics at home. 

This class includes a clay and tools kit that cannot be delivered. Students must be in GTA for delivery (M postal codes only) or curb side pick up (other postal codes). Students will need to drop off their work at the studio for firing and finishing glaze. Tool kit is on loan for duration of the class. 

Create Art Studio Creative Engineers maker class for curious kids who like to build cool stuff

Creative Engineers

Maker kids learn to construct fun projects 

Simple mechanics and creativity come together to teach kids STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts, in a fun and engaging class. Students will create and build moving art they can play with. Each session features new projects to keep curious kids interested. 

Materials kit included, please allow time for delivery (within GTA 2-3 days. longer for other areas).

Child Online Classes

Drawing and Painting

Technique focused art class for kids online

Kids in our drawing and painting class learn illustration and painting techniques, most often with acrylic paint. Students are taught brush work, colour mixing, and more. 

Materials kit not included. Required materials will be provided prior to session start. Normally includes pencil, eraser, Crayola markers or pencil crayons, acrylic or watercolour paint (depending on the session).

Learn to draw be a fashion designer art class for kids and youth with Create Art Studio

Fashion Design

Learn to draw and design fashion class

Our simply fabulous fashion class is the perfect way for your budding designer to dive into the essential skills of creativity and style.

Together, we’ll explore a world of ideas while they learn about human proportion, colour, fabrics, texture and lighting. Each week, we’ll teach students how to draw a wide-range of fashion styles, inspired by historical dress, film and tv costumes, and modern trends. 

Students will work on their own fashion designs, inspired by guidance from the instructor.

Materials required: pencil, eraser, paper, fine line marker/pen, colouring tools (pencil crayon or marker)

Inspired Artists mixed media art class for older kids pre-portfolio development art class at Create Art Studio

Inspired Artists

Mixed Media art class for older kids online

Calling all the serious young artists (and not so serious)! Our Inspired Artists class is a mixed media art class, where students will learn drawing, painting, sculpture and art history. It’s a pre-cursor to our Portfolio Prep class for middle school aged students.  

Materials kit included – pick up from the studio at 1801 Danforth Ave or request shipping for $15. 

Create Art Studio Krafty Kids art class online

Krafty Kids

Fun mixed media maker class

Explore and play with different types of materials as you make fun creative projects. Students will be shown techniques to create their very own masterpieces. 

Materials kit included – pick up from 1801 Danforth Ave or request shipping for $15. 

Child Online Classes

Sketch It!

Learn to draw class

We’ll cover the basics of line, shape, texture, perspective and proportion in this online drawing class for kids. Faces, figures, animals, and backgrounds will be covered throughout the course.

Themes will be based on student interests, or if they’re not sure, we’ll provide fun ideas.

Materials kit is NOT included with this class. Materials required are pencil, paper, and eraser. Optional: colouring tools (markers or pencil crayons or crayons)

Create Art Studio Mixed media art class for young children stories and art

Stories and Art

Mixed Media Class

Listen to a story and then make a mixed media art project based on the story. This multi-week class helps students create new art ideas based on illustrations and concepts in children’s books. 

Materials kit included – pick up from 1801 Danforth Ave or request shipping for $15