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Acrylic Painting

Guided instruction painting lessons

Learn classic and modern painting techniques in our adult acrylic painting classes and enjoy creating beautiful works of art with our experienced artist instructors! 

Our 6-week sessions are perfect to begin learning and to grow your abilities. Get started with our Beginner classes in studio or online. Every session features different paintings, so you can join as many sessions as you need to build your confidence. When you’re ready, move up to our new Level 2 classes to go deeper into creative styles and techniques. Choose Level 3 to explore advanced techniques and develop your personal style. Join us for a great time exploring painting styles and subjects together. 

Want to give painting a try before you sign up? Sign up for a workshop or a fun Friday paint night!

What you’ll learn

  • How to prepare when starting a painting
  • Colour mixing and how to create eye-catching palettes
  • Acrylic blending and textural techniques

What you’ll use

  • High quality Liquitex acrylic paints
  • Quality canvases, brushes and palettes
All materials are included – as always!

Sign up for acrylic painting now

If you’re enrolling for the first time, please click Register and create an account. Existing students can access our portal to add this class to their account. Please note that all classes are Eastern Time.

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