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Learn to Sew

Sewing fundamentals for beginners

Learn the art of sewing in these step by step classes for teens 14+ and adults. 

Complete beginner? You’ll need to start with hand sewing. Learn the basics including knots, stitch types, patterns, buttons and more. Students will learn the key techniques to be able to sew and mend by hand. 

Know your knots, stitch types, and can read a pattern? Machine sewing could be for you. Learn how to use and take care of a sewing machine, the right types of stitches and needles based on fabric type, and more!

Both classes will include at least one completed project, with a wealth of technical knowledge to take on your own projects. 

What you’ll learn

  • Different sewing styles and stitches
  • How to identify different types of fabric and their uses
  • How to use sewing patterns

What you’ll use

  • A wide variety of fabrics
  • Sewing tools like scissors, measuring tapes, needles and sewing machines
  • Creative sewing details like buttons or beads
All materials are included – as always!

Sign up & learn to sew!

Please note: all classes are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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