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Queer Pottery

Pottery wheel and hand-built clay classes

Queer Pottery classes are specifically for LGBTQ2S+ identifying adults, to provide a safe, inclusive space to relax and have fun creating with clay, as you learn from one of our Queer identifying instructors.

Join us to learn how to hand build clay sculptures, throw pottery on the wheel, and develop your skills to express your creative style in fun new ways.

What you’ll learn

  • Hand building techniques, pinch pots, coil and slab building
  • How to use the pottery wheel
  • How to apply underglazes and layer glazes to create patterns and finishes

What you’ll use

  • Kiln fire clay
  • Sculpting tools like rolling pins, ribbon tools, sponges and more
  • Coloured underglazes and special finishes
All materials and kiln firings are included – as always!
Create Art Studio Queer Pottery Class for the LGBTQ2S+ community

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Please note: all classes are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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