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Clay Sculpture & Pottery 

Creative ceramics classes for adults

Creating clay sculptures and pottery is equal parts relaxing and inspiring! From hand-building beautiful sculptures to throwing elegant pots and vases on the wheel, our clay pottery classes are perfect to help you escape the everyday by feeling the cool, smooth texture of clay through your fingers.

We start with the essentials and quickly build your skills so you can make some amazing creations. Choose the class that’s right for you!

What you’ll learn

  • Hand building techniques, pinch pots, coil and slab building
  • How to use the pottery wheel
  • How to apply underglazes and layer glazes to create patterns and finishes

What you’ll use

  • Kiln fire clay
  • Sculpting tools like rolling pins, ribbon tools, sponges and more
  • Colour underglazes and special finishes
All materials and firings are included – as always!
Create Art Studio clay sculpture and pottery wheel classes for adults

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