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Youth Art Classes in Studio

Looking for engaging and rewarding art classes for tweens and teens? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll inspire them to exploring new interests, nurture their developing talent and improve their art and design skills. And, we’ll get them ready to take the next steps in their education and career path!

Taken a class with us before? If so, don’t worry – we change the content each session so you can continue taking a class you enjoy. 

Be the first to know about our upcoming classes, so you don’t miss out. Sign up for our emails!

Be the first to know about our upcoming classes, so you don’t miss out.

Sign up for our emails!

Manga Anime drawing class for tweens teens at Create Art Studio

Anime & Manga Art

Specialty drawing class for youth

Take your drawings to a new level in our Anime & Manga style art class. Develop your character design skills through Japanese animation drawing techniques covering proportion, expression, and human form. 

Students must have some previous experience in drawing characters. 

This class is also available online for ages 13-17

Create Art Studio comics and cartooning class online for kids learn cartooning techniques at home with materials you already have


Creative drawing and storytelling class

Know a young storyteller who loves to draw? We’ll develop their skills in expression, texture, perspective and proportion in this fun character-focused drawing class. Creating characters, backgrounds, layouts and story development will be covered throughout the course.

Students older than the age range for Cartooning should choose Illustration

This class is also available online

Character Design class for Tweens and Teens Toronto in-studio

Character Design

Animation style drawing class for youth

Young people with an interest or experience in cartooning will further their skills in our Illustration class taught by practicing illustration artists.

We’ll guide them to develop their creative skills in characters, background, proportion, texture, perspective and composition in this applied art class.

Youth In-person Classes

Clay and Pottery

Youth Pottery Wheel and Hand-building Class

Our youth clay classes start with the basics of hand-building and sculpture techniques and introduces the pottery wheel to explore a range of creative clay projects.

Students will learn a variety of techniques, including pinch pots, slab building, pottery wheel, textures, and glazing. All materials and kiln firings are included.

Create Art Studio Digital Illustration class for tweens and teens in Toronto

Digital Illustration

Digital tablet skills class for youth

Young people with an interest or experience in drawing and a desire to take their designs digital will love this class! 

We’ll teach the fundamentals of digital art software and guide them to develop their drawing skills in proportion, texture, perspective and composition in this applied art class.

Students will need to bring their own tablet and drawing tool. 

Draw and Paint


Students will learn both drawing fundamentals and painting techniques in this class for kids who don’t want to choose just one medium. This class will develop student skills in colour theory, shading, composition and perspective.

Materials are included and may include acrylic, watercolour, dry colour medium, or markers. We may get messy in this class, so please dress accordingly.

Learn to draw be a fashion designer art class for kids and youth with Create Art Studio

Fashion Design

Learn to draw and design fashion class for teens

Young fashionistas will love our totally fabulous design class!

Our resident costumer with unparalleled historical fashion knowledge will guide students to create stylish designs that are inspired by a range of styles including historical dress, tv and movie costumes and modern fashion styles. Along the way, they’ll learn about human proportion, colour, fabric, texture and lighting effects.

If you’re hoping to be doing some sewing of your fashion designs, we recommend taking our sewing class as well. 

Create Art Studio Intro to Drawing class 2


Animation style drawing class for youth

Young people who love to draw can learn how to apply their skills in creative illustration with our practicing artists.

We’ll advance their abilities in composition, using colour and texture to create design styles. This class teaches skills that are helpful for schoolwork and can inspire a career path in creative art and design!

Inspired Artists mixed media art class for older kids pre-portfolio development art class at Create Art Studio

Inspired Artists

Mixed Media Art class for tweens

Calling all the serious young artists (and the not so serious ones)!

Inspired Artists is an engaging art class where students learn a range of drawing, painting, sculpture skills that are influenced by spectacular creations from art history.

It’s the perfect precursor to our Portfolio Prep class for middle school-age students.

Create Art Studio Sewing class for beginners Tween Learn to Sew class

Learn to Sew

Fashion and craft sewing lessons for beginners

Learn sewing in a step by step fashion – by hand and by machine. Students will learn about stitch types, fabrics, patterns, and fashion design. Each week, students will learn and practice new skills in sewing to bring their designs to life.

Sewing classes are also available for families to attend together, ages 14 and up.

Acrylic Painting class for youth tween painting class in-studio Create Art Studio

Portfolio Prep

Mixed Media art class for youth

Whether you’re preparing to attend a specialty visual arts program or want to experience a variety of art mediums in one class, then Portfolio Prep is the right class!

Students will work on developing a variety of artwork to showcase their abilities across different media. If students are applying to programs with specific portfolio requirements, the instructor will support those projects and provide a letter of recommendation upon request. 

This course is also offered online for high school and post secondary.

Create Art Studio Queer Comics art explore themes of queerness through drawing comics

Queer Comics

Creative self-expression drawing class for youth

Designed for LGBTQ2S+ youth to explore their thoughts and ideas in an expressive and colourful medium. 

Students will explore character development, storytelling techniques, and design elements. We’ll focus on the process of creating in this class, with no expectations on output. This class is taught by one of our Queer identifying instructors. 

Queer Comics is also available as an online class.

Youth In-person Classes

Sketch It!

Learn to draw class

Students who love drawing will develop their skills in shading, texture, perspective, proportion and composition. 

We take the time to choose themes based on student interests, or if they need inspiration, we have plenty of creative ideas. 

Sketch It! is also available as an online class.

Textile Art

Explore a variety of textile art techniques

Whether students have a little experience or none at all, we will guide them to create gorgeous textile art. This class will cover techniques for needle felting, rug making, embroidery and other textile art forms. 

Materials are included for in-studio use, and you can buy a kit from us to use at home!

Textile Art is also available as a family class to enjoy together.

Watercolour Painting

Guided instruction online painting lessons

Watercolour painting is fun, inspiring and creative challenge, and as you build your skills, you can create amazing images! 

Each session features different projects (though the techniques may be repeated to build your confidence), and the themes are often guided by student interests. Materials are provided. 

Online Classes

We also offer a wide range of engaging online lessons that your young artists can enjoy from the comfort of home, with options for convenient materials delivery and pickup.