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Adult In-Person Art Classes

Welcome to our bright and spacious art school! With small classes so our talented artist instructors can give you one-on-one feedback, it’s way better than learning from a pre-recorded video! Everyone has their own workstation and, as always, all materials for our in-person classes are included!

Most of our art classes for adults are designed for beginner to intermediate level students, unless otherwise stated. And, if you’ve taken a class before, we will cover new subjects and increase the skill level. If you enjoy learning new techniques and getting helpful guidance, attend throughout the year and we’ll keep inspiring and coaching you to improve. Please note that all students aged 12+ must show proof of full vaccination before attending classes.

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Create Art Studio online art journal class learn to express your creativity with art journalling therapy meditative art Canada

Art Journal Workshops

Learn to design and doodle a gorgeous art journal

Building your artistic style in a journal is a great way to express your creativity. Design pretty pages, record your memories, and let your unique personality shine through!

Join this fun workshop to start your creative art journal, with guidance from our talented and inspirational instructor.

Create Art Studio clay classes with wheel and hand-built pottery

Clay and Pottery

Wheel and hand-built clay class

Looking for our pottery classes in May and June? We have big plans to expand our studio to serve you better! We can’t wait to tell you when our new classes for hand-building clay sculptures and throwing clay on the wheel will be ready.

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Create Art Studio Queer Pottery Class for the LGBTQ2S+ community

Queer Pottery

Wheel and hand-built clay class

These clay pottery classes are specifically tailored for the LGBTQ2S+ community, and provide a safe, inclusive space to relax and have fun creating with clay.

Join us to learn how to hand build clay sculptures, throw pottery on the wheel, and develop your skills to express your creative style in fun new ways.

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Create Art Studio Life Drawing Human Form online drawing class

Life Drawing

Develop your skills drawing the human form 

Life Drawing is an engaging and expressive experience that’s amazing for honing your sketching skills. Join us to practice translating the human form in drawing sessions that feature nude models.  

Sign up for our 8-week life drawing sessions and all the materials you need – charcoal sticks, other drawing tools and a newsprint pad each week are included in your fee.

Drop-in is also available for $25 plus hst per night. 
Materials are not included and you can purchase a materials kit from our studio if you need one. If you want to bring your own materials, you’ll need drawing paper, graphite or charcoal drawing tools. eraser, and colouring tools.

Create Art Studio learn to draw online art class for adults sketch draw

Learn to Draw

Beginner drawing class

Bring your creativity to life by learning to draw in this fun and engaging class for beginners.

Featuring clear, easy-to-follow instruction and feedback from our instructor, in a small group setting, we make it easy for you to learn how to draw amazing illustrations.

Create Art Studio Meditative Art Online Workshop

Meditative Art

Mindful Art for your mental health 

Zentangle, organic flow, repetition, and other meditative drawing techniques will be taught in this mindful drawing class for adults. Students will enjoy this low effort drawing class no matter their current drawing skill level. 

Materials are provided. Students are also welcome to bring their favourite supplies. 

Meditative Art is also available as an online class.


Guided instruction painting lessons

Learn painting techniques from our experienced artist instructors to create beautiful works of art! 

These classes are perfect for beginner to intermediate-level abilities. Join us to have a great time developing your skills as we explore a range of painting styles and subjects together.

Acrylic Painting class for youth tween painting class in-studio Create Art Studio

Portfolio Prep

Mixed Media art class for ADULTS

Getting ready back to school? This is the perfect class for adults who want to develop an impressive portfolio of artwork that showcases ability in a variety of media. Our instructor will work with you to develop your style and help you get into the program of your choice.

Prep for College or university

Online Classes

We also provide a wide range of engaging online lessons that you can enjoy from the comfort of home, with options for convenient materials pickup or delivery.