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Adult Art Classes Online

Our online art classes bring all of the fun and creativity of the studio to your home! Small groups give lots of time for helpful feedback and sharing.

Our online class times are shown below (and delivered) at Eastern Time (Toronto and Montreal). 

Materials are extra, except where noted, and you can purchase quality materials and tool kits from us. If you’re supplying your own, a recommended list will be provided before class starts.

Our online classes are not recorded except by request, and only if agreed by all participants.

Create Art Studio Adult Acrylic Painting Online Workshop for Intermediate Paint Night Toronto Canada night life city view

Acrylic Painting

Guided instruction online painting lessons

Learn how to be a better painter with our online acrylic painting classes. With a variety of styles offered for beginner to intermediate level artists. 

If you’d like materials, please let us know. Paints, surfaces, and brushes are $39+hst (without brushes is $29+hst). 

If you’re supplying your our materials, you’ll need quality acrylic paints (no dollar store paints – your results will be unpredictable) in primary colours plus black and white; brushes: 1/2″ flat, 1/4″ flat, 6 or 8 round, fine round for detail; and surfaces to paint on: canvas, quality paper such as watercolour or mixed media (no bigger than 9×12).

Create Art Studio online art journal class learn to express your creativity with art journalling therapy meditative art Canada

Art Journals

Design your own creative art journal

Join this engaging and expressive class to build your personal style in a journal for art. Together, we’ll have fun designing gorgeous pages, recording your memories, and letting your creativity shine through!

Art Journal classes include materials to get you started, and you’re encouraged to add your own to personalize your journal, as well. 

Weekly Art Journal Classes

Create Art Studio learn to draw online art class for adults sketch draw

Learn to Draw

Beginner drawing class at home

Learn to draw from the comfort of home with our fun class for beginners. All abilities are welcome! We make it easy for you to learn to draw, with helpful instruction and encouraging feedback from our live instructor in a small group class. 

Materials are optional. If you’d like us to supply them, please sign up for the materials add-on option. Prefer to provide your own? We’ll provide a list of what’s needed before the class begins. 

Weekly Classes

Create Art Studio Meditative Art Online Workshop

Meditative Art

Mindful Art for your mental health 

It’s pretty amazing that creative activities that make you feel great are also genuinely good for you! Tapping into your creativity improves your overall health, relieving stress and boosting your mental and physical wellbeing.

Join us in this drawing class for all skill levels, and experience the benefits of making relaxing and rewarding art that explores organic flow, Zentangles and other mindful techniques.

Materials are optional. Want us to supply them? Add the materials listing to your registration. If you’d rather use your own, a list will be provided in advance.

Meditative Art is also available as an in-studio class.

Create Art Studio Portrait drawing online art class Canada improve your drawing skills of human faces

Portrait Perfection

Learn to draw faces with ease

Human faces can say so much without uttering a word. Learn to capture the essence of a face. This class is the perfect way to get direct instruction and feedback from a live instructor as you draw portraits. 

Materials optional – want us to supply them? Sign up for the materials add-on. Want to get your own? A list will be supplied in advance. You’ll definitely need a mirror or printed image of the portrait you’re drawing.