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Children's Art Classes in Studio

Create Art Studio In-person art classes for teens and youth and tweens at Toronto's best art school

Acrylic Painting

Painting medium focused class for older kids

For students who love painting to learn techniques in colour mixing, composition, perspective, and more using acrylic paint.

Each session will feature different images and will build on students’ knowledge to develop their painting skills over time. 

Materials are included. We will get messy in this class, please dress accordingly.

super hero


Build fine motor skills in a fun art class for kids

Learn to draw and develop fun characters and to tell stories with witty words.

We’ll encourage students to create characters and storylines based on their own interests, in a choose your own adventure class where they’ll produce their own comics throughout the session.

Child In-studio Classes

Clay for Kids

Hand building and sculpting Ceramics class

Clay is the perfect creative material for kids to bring their imagination to life. Children love the sensory experience of working with pliable clay to create fun and functional ceramic pieces. 

Students will learn a variety of clay techniques, including pinch pots, slab building, textures, and glazing. All materials and kiln firings are included. Use one of our freshly laundered aprons or bring your own – we will get messy!

Inspired Artists mixed media art class for older kids pre-portfolio development art class at Create Art Studio

Inspired Artists

Mixed Media art class for older kids

Calling all the serious young artists (and the not so serious)!

Our Inspired Artists class is a mixed media art course, where students will learn a wide range of drawing, painting, sculpture skills and begin to explore the richly rewarding world of art history.

It’s the perfect precursor to our Portfolio Prep class for middle school-age students.

Create Art Studio Krafty Kids art class online

Krafty Kids

Fun mixed media maker class

Each week, we explore and play with different types of materials to make fun and highly creative projects.

We sneak a little learning about creative techniques into the fun, helping them to produce their very own masterpieces.

Child In-studio Classes

Sketch It!

Learn to draw class

We’ll cover the basics of line art, shape and texture, perspective and proportion in this fun and engaging drawing class for kids. Throughout the course, we will learn how to create faces, figures, animals, and backgrounds.

We take the time to choose themes that are based on student interests, or if they need inspiration, we’ll get them started with creative ideas.

Create Art Studio upcycled art class for inventive and creative engineers and builders

Upcycle Makers

making found objects into works of art

Artistic builders and engineers should join this creative class to take found or recyclable objects and turn them into masterpieces! 

We’ll explore a variety of materials and methods over this course, working our way towards a student-directed unique work of upcycled art. 

Materials and tools are provided, though students are welcome to bring in found objects to add to their projects. 

Online Classes

We also offer a wide range of online lessons that your young artists can enjoy from the comfort of your home, with options for convenient materials delivery and pickup.